xSuite is the complete suite for efficiently developing high-quality MultiversX smart contracts. Init, build, test, deploy contracts in seconds.

xSuite is made by the Arda team (opens in a new tab) and is the result of their deep expertise from building numerous dApps and auditing 35+ contracts (opens in a new tab). xSuite is extensively tested with 450+ tests and 100% test coverage of critical parts, to ensure it is always safe and reliable.

A big thank you to the Buidly team (opens in a new tab) who intensively used xSuite in their projects, provided valuable feedback and drafted the first version of the documentation.


xSuite is in beta phase.

Starter Contracts (audited)

Starter contracts are a great starting point for your new smart contract. They will save you significant time setting up the codebase and writing the initial logic. They are audited by Arda. View starter contracts.

Onboarding and Training

If you want you or your team to receive a personal onboarding and training to xSuite, please contact Lucas Willems (opens in a new tab).

Who is using xSuite?

xSuite has been used internally by Arda since more than a year, and has been released publicly recently. Many ecosystem teams have started to be onboarded and trained to use xSuite. To get your team onboarded and trained too, please contact Lucas Willems (opens in a new tab).


The xSuite community can be found on xSuite Telegram group (opens in a new tab), where you can ask questions, share ideas and meet other community members.