Getting Started

Getting Started

xSuite makes the initialization, building, testing and deployment of contracts extremely easy.

Your first contract deployed in seconds

Let's initialize, build, test and deploy your first MultiversX contract in seconds.

0. Install xSuite

The only requirement is to have Node.js 18+ already installed.

Install Node.js 18+

Install the Node Version Manager (opens in a new tab) (NVM):

curl -o- | bash

Then install Node.js 18:

nvm install 18

You should then close and reopen your terminal.

Install xSuite:

npm install -g xsuite

1. Initialize the Contract

Create a new blank contract in the directory first-contract and open it:

xsuite new --dir first-contract
cd first-contract

2. Build the Contract

Install Rust, which is necessary to build the contract:

xsuite install-rust

You should then close and reopen your terminal.

Build the contract:

npm run build

3. Test the Contract

Test the contract:

npm run test

4. Deploy the Contract

Create a new wallet, encrypted with the password of your choice:

xsuite new-wallet --wallet wallet.json

Fund this new wallet with 30 xEGLD, the fake EGLD of devnet:

xsuite request-xegld --wallet wallet.json

A page opens in your browser. Fill the captcha and request the tokens.


Deploy the contract to MultiversX devnet:

npm run interact:devnet deploy

Bravo! You have just deployed your first MultiversX smart contract! 🎉